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The BTF Revolution Begins
Imagine a business where people contribute to the success of the team.
Imagine a business where artists strive & thrive.
Imagine a team that handle clients as a team sport, instead of an individual event.
Imagine yourself running a beautiful, busy, profitable salon with happy customers & professionals, by.

Welcome to the Beyond the Fringe Business Opportunity!
We build our business on strong relationships and a supportive, growth-oriented culture.
We are looking for like-minded people who intend creating a loving and supportive work culture within their own salon.
The Beyond The Fringe Salon Program is an invitation for you to witness possibilities in profitability.

If You Are Interested in Exploring a Franchise Opportunity…?
  1. Download the Program Brochure. Take a moment to explore a new way of “being in business” - the Beyond The Fringe way.
  2. Fill up a preliminary Online Enquiry Form.
  3. We will call you and schedule a meeting with one of our Partners, who will guide you through the process. Our goal is to assist you in making an informed decision.

Franchise Online Enquiry Form

Please fill out all required fields. We will then review your application and schedule an informational meeting to answer your questions and review the enrollment process.

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